About Us

pumpkin-chris-lantzer-woof-wise-dog-trainingCHRIS LANTZER, BA, CPDT-KA

Chris is the owner of Woof Wise Dog Training.  Her goal is to help dogs stay in their homes and help people and dogs live happily together! She would like everyone to experience the same joyous bond she treasures with her dogs developed through training.  Chris is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer–Knowledge Assessed through CCPDT, apprenticed under Ginger Alpine and has studied under America’s best behaviorists and trainers including Patricia McConnell, Jean Donaldson, Pat Miller, Kathy Sdao, Sophia Yin DVM, among others.  Chris is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and an American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.

A graduate of the University of Akron with a bachelor’s degree in English she left a career in Human Resources to be able to spend more time with her dog, Pumpkin, who had separation anxiety. Pumpkin, an adorably  awesome orange and  white herding mix rescue  was one of her best teachers.  He taught her much about play biting, resource guarding, separation anxiety  but more importantly lessons of loyalty, forgiveness, perseverance, courage, kindness and love.  Pumpkin was a well mannered pet with several obedience titles and an impressive list of tricks—including a hot dog retrieve!

Chris currently shares her life with her amazingly patient husband and adult rescued Australian Cattle Dog she calls Winny, who is as charming as she is smart.   Winny is rounding out her real life, experiential education teaching her about living with a fearful and reactive dog and how trust and adult dog relationships are developed.  Within her first 6 months of adoption Winny earned 2 trick titles and her first CWAGS title and is continuing on.  There is so much more to learn—always!  Continuing education units are not only required to maintain her CPDT certification but are relished and always exceeded.



Chrissy is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and a Veterinary Technicians degree from Columbus State Community College. Working in a veterinary hospital since she was 15, she has always had a passion for helping animals. Growing up with dogs and cats of her own as well as riding horses and occasionally arriving home with a new sick, injured, or abandoned animal to fix or nurse back to health, choosing her degree paths came at an early age.

Three years ago her husband and her adopted their first dog together, Cadbury. He’s a mixed breed dog and very sweet but came with many behavior issues. It was working with Cadbury in positive training that Chrissy found her true passion. There is no joy like the joy felt in helping a dog receive confidence in themselves and in watching owners, like herself, know that they made the difference. In deciding she wanted to pursue her certificate as a positive trainer, she has been training and teaching with Chris Lantzer, CPDT-KA, for over a year now and focusing her CEUs in behavior as a vet tech.   She is currently pursuing her certification through CCPDT.  Chrissy and her husband are the proud owners of their little fur family that consists of 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 rats.


Tina Geffert, CCDT

Tina’s  volunteer work as a docent at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is what inspired her to pursue her training certification.  After watching how zookeepers applied the principles of positive reinforcement to set some very large, strong, and wild animals up for success when doing animal husbandry, she thought, “We can certainly do this with dogs too!”

Tina actively volunteers at a community dog shelter.  She mentored with Woof Wise Dog Training for over a year before beginning to teach classes.  Tina is a graduate of the CATCH Canine Training Academy and a member to the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.  Her dearly departed dog Toby, a Siberian Husky, taught her much and assisted her with her studies.  Tina hasn’t been without a dog for the past 25 years and loves dogs of all ages and sizes.  Tina continues her learning and is pursuing her Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed certification through CCPDT.