Group Classes

Training in a social atmosphere makes learning more fun and affordable

Group Classes Woof Wise Dog Training

Small Group Classes at Woof Wise Dog Training Center

On-site group classes provide you and your dog personalized attention in a relaxed small group setting. Classes are an hour long – expect written homework!

Once class ends, care does not. Woof Wise students are welcome to contact the trainer directly for any questions and concerns outside the classroom.

The training center is comfortably climate controlled year-round training.

Better Vet Visits| 4 weeks, $90
Help heal your dog’s fear of the vet, groomer, handling. We will work on systematic desensitization and counter conditioning to reduce your dog’s stress. Calmer patients equal better health.

Tricks 4 Treats FUNdraiser!!! | 1.5 hour workshop, $35
Come have fun & help out! We will cover basic tricks and teaching techniques. Two dates and locations: 10/18/15 at 1 pm at Pet People on Chargrin call 216-514-3727 or 10/30 at 7 pm at Woof Wise in Richfield. Proceeds benefit: National Canine Cancer Foundation/Pumpkin’s Patch

Puppy Primer | 4 weeks, $90
For pups up to 16 weeks old. This class optimizes the prime socialization time!! Focus will be on well rounded socialization and confidence building. Basic manners & obedience are also taught.
AKC STAR Puppy Class | 6 weeks, $130
Pups 4–12 months old. An all encompassing class: Socialization, Training, Activity, Responsibility. Upon completion of class & testing, your puppy will receive the AKC STAR Puppy Medal and be listed in the AKC STAR Puppy records!
Beginners 1 | 5 weeks, $110
Great for an adolescent OR older dog new to training.   Build basic skills such as sit, down, stay, leave it, drop it, come, walking on leash and more.
Beginners & Beyond | 5 weeks, $110
Great for an adolescent OR older dog to learn new skills ore proof and refresh.  Must have had AKC STAR Puppy or Beginners 1.  Improve on solid obedience skills adding distractions and distance. Add skills such as heeling, mat training, handler focus, self control and more. Fido will be challenged according to his skill level.
Canine Good Citizen | 5 weeks, $110
Dogs should have solid basic obedience skills to enter. We will hone those skills working toward becoming a Canine Good Citizen. Each week we work incrementally toward the 10 test items that range from accepting a friendly stranger to supervised separation. Focus is also on fading the use of treats and other training aids. Test given the final week of class.
Tricks! | 4 weeks, $90
Entertain, exercise and discipline for all! If you can teach a trick you can teach anything! Tricks are not just for fun–even though they are highly entertaining & make us smile! Tricks employ your dog and burn mental energy. They can keep your dog physically fit & teach Fido self control! Could you balance a cookie on your nose?
Control Yourself! | 4 weeks, $90
Do you spend more time than you would like managing your dog’s behavior?? You don’t need another job! Teach your dog self-control!! Learn the skills needed while we practice around doors, people, dogs, food, and more!
Canine Casino | 1 day, 1 hour $25
An exciting one day, one hour games class. Review & proof your skills in the form of casino games. Socialize with 4 & 2 legged friends and earn prizes!!!
B4 Agility | 4 weeks, $90
Beneficial for all who want to build better communications through play. Before you venture into agility–or any sport–build beyond basics into more advanced skills, including off leash work. Building a solid foundation of communication for teamwork will have you better prepared whether for the game of agility or more importantly…the game of LIFE! This class is beneficial for all and not limited to those preparing for canine sports..
CWAGS Obedience | 5 weeks, $110
Canine Work and Games! A wonderful, friendly competition venue for all breeds of dogs. This class will challenge, proof, and perfect your dog’s skills and your handling. You will learn what you need to compete to earn some possible titles & ribbons.
Rally Obedience | 6 weeks, $130
Obedience with a twist–of fun! Learn World Cynosport Rally!Great whether you want to compete in this fun venue to win some ribbons or just improve your heeling and attention
DOGA Fundraiser Class | 1 day, one hour, $25 suggested donation
Zen with your best friend! A light hearted & relaxing one day, one hour class. Do yoga with your dog!! Dogs should have basic but not perfect obedience & be accustomed to & calm in group classes. All proceeds go to charity (charities to rotate)