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Ellen K

Chris instructs using creatively themed classes, making training both challenging and fun for you and your dog. She reinforces the importance of consistent training, but also emphasizes relaxing, so as to enjoy the unique bond between you and your dog. I especially enjoyed the TRICKS class. I was able to incorporate her techniques to teach new lessons at home.

Granger Twp

Gail G

Chris was a wonderful help in training our puppy! She was so patient with our family and with Rudy. She taught us many new tricks as well as basic training. All of us learned a great deal and had so much fun! We had no idea that puppies could learn so quickly! I highly recommend Chris as a trainer–she adores dogs and is very knowledgeable.


Karla K

Chris is very intuitive to each situation required for different dogs and their human parents. She is gifted at getting right to the real problem. She really helped me understand that my dog’s interest in chasing cars was not just related to cars, but part of a bigger instinct and counseled me on how to approach my training to solve the bigger problem at hand instead of putting a “band-aid” on the symptom. Chris is very calm and deliberate and your dog immediately senses this and trusts her. This really helps a nervous dog parent too! She also is very gifted in training you and your dog to do tricks. You have to see the hot dog trick!